Sump Pump Pros of Michigan

Without a proper Sump Pump Backup system your home or business is at risk for a flood. Sump pumps are located in the basement or crawlspace of buildings. It is the only device that keeps the building from flooding. A Sump Pump Backup system takes over if the sump pump fails and does not allow the building to flood. Water can and does ruin treasured possessions and causes thousands of dollars in damage. Home owners insurance typically does not cover flood damage unless an expensive rider is purchased. This can all be avoided with a proper sump pump backup solution.

IN HOUSE financing with just
20% down and financed over 12 months!

Water powered sump pump backup systems are the best choice when choosing a backup system. If water is not available a Battery powered sump pump backup system is the next best option. Both systems require no power to operate and will keep a dwelling from flooding if power has temporarily been interrupted. There are many products to choose from, feel free to call us and allow Sump Pump Pros to design a system for your commercial or residential needs.


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